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27 February 2017

A great new opportunity has arisen to make your voice heard as part of the future policy on livestock policy, in partnership with the NFU.

In this current trading climate and Brexit coming ever closer, it’s never been more important to ensure young people’s voices are heard in the future of livestock policy.

The NFU hopes to demonstrate the variety and breadth of work undertaken for the livestock sector through a new partnership opportunity.

Getting involved would mean contributing to discussions, shadowing NFU advisers or joining industry and government meetings.

The NFU’s national Livestock Board  is key in policy-making. This board is underpinned by a Beef and Sheep sub group as well as the Uplands forum.  Policy issues are wide and varied and include future government policy, supply chain, market transparency and industry collaboration.

If this all floats your boat, next stop is an invitation to sit on the Young Person’s Livestock Board and help shape future NFU policy. If you’re interested in getting involved please contact to find out more details and give it a go!


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