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27 February 2017

Scott Mills and Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1 will return to Annual Convention for the third time to play for Young Farmers this April and will close the Convention on the Sunday night.

The duo is among the five Radio 1 DJs that will entertain YFC members over the weekend in Torquay.

On the opening night Matt Edmondson from BBC Radio 1 will play Convention for the first time. Matt’s irreverent humour is well-known on radio and TV and he will entertain crowds of Young Farmers who will be wearing black tie and evening dresses for Friday night’s theme.

Huw Stephens and Dev from BBC Radio 1 will play to the crowds on Saturday night and will both get to see Young Farmers dressed as prince and princesses. This year’s fancy dress theme was decided through an online poll and dressing royally was a clear winner.

Alongside the DJs, there will be three live bands performing on each night. They include Black Stag, RPJ band and The Supergroup.

The weekend also includes the AGRI Forum, which this year is focused on marketing yourself and your business, the Annual General Meeting and a range of competition finals for Entertainments, Senior Member of the Year, Street Dancing and Cheerleading. There is also a fun darts match on Saturday. 

Pre-Convention packages for Annual Convention 2017, which is sponsored by Massey Ferguson, are selling fast. Remember that anyone attending Annual Convention MUST HAVE BEEN a fully subscribed YFC member by the 31st March 2017 and be over 18 years old.

Packages purchased for the Friday and Saturday will also give you access to the Performing Arts final.

For more information and to stay up to date on all things Convention visit

The dates for the next two Annual Conventions have also been revealed:
2018  Winter Gardens, Blackpool - 4-6 May 2018
2019  Winter Gardens, Blackpool - 10-12 May 2019


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