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05 March 2017

A new campaign promoting positive behaviour during the Annual Convention in Torquay is underway and members are pledging their support.

The positive behaviour campaign is aimed at showing Torquay how great our Young Farmers’ Clubs can be and there will even be rewards for clubs that give off positive vibes! 

Members across England and Wales are delivering presentations about the campaign and giving a big thumbs up to the messages.

YFC members attending Annual Convention in Torquay this year will see positive action reminders around the International Conference Centre as well as in their hotels.

Events and Marketing Steering Group Chairman Katie Hall said: “We want everyone to have a great time in Torquay – and that includes the local community. We are starting to spread the message now about being positive over the weekend and feedback has been really good so far. I am excited about everything we have planned for this year’s Convention and I hope everyone who attends is positive and has a great time.”

If your club or county is attending Convention and would like to see a copy of the positive campaign presentation, please contact Matt Caldicott for copies or your County office.

02 March 2017



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