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05 March 2017

Want to feel like a celebrity at Annual Convention in Torquay and have your club profiled for the world to see?

Why not enter our fab competition that celebrates all that is positive about Young Farmers’ Clubs?

NFYFC is looking for a YFC that is attending Annual Convention to be profiled throughout the weekend. We’ll be following you around – paparazzi style – to get photos and updates from your club to share with the masses and we’ll even give you special access to the Massey Ferguson Lounge and a chance to meet some of the acts performing at Convention.*

Back in 2014 members Sarah Lees and Peter Archer got to meet Edith Bowman from BBC Radio 1 (see photo) after winning our Face of Convention competition but this year, we have decided to open it up to find our Club of Convention - giving more of you an opportunity to enjoy the limelight. 

Obviously, we’re looking for a YFC that is a shining example of how awesome our clubs truly are so we only want entries from the crème de la crème!

How to enter

You’ll need to tell us in no more than 100 words why your club deserves to be THE Club of Convention – and explain what amazing things you do to support your local community, or charity or each other – or in fact all three!

Don’t let size put you off either, we don’t care how big or small your YFC is. We just want to hear from you if some of your members  are attending this year’s Annual Convention over the three nights and are eager to get involved.

Email with your YFC name, a contact telephone number and a reason why your club should win. Deadline: 31 March 2017.

Terms and Conditions

  • Massey Ferguson Lounge tickets restricted to 3 members of your club per night
  • We cannot guarantee that members will be able to meet any of the DJs as it will be subject to availability on the night.



05 March 2017

A new campaign promoting positive behaviour during the Annual Convention in Torquay is underway and members are pledging their support.

The positive behaviour campaign is aimed at showing Torquay how great our Young Farmers’ Clubs can be and there will even be rewards for clubs that give off positive vibes! 

Members across England and Wales are delivering presentations about the campaign and giving a big thumbs up to the messages.

YFC members attending Annual Convention in Torquay this year will see positive action reminders around the International Conference Centre as well as in their hotels.

Events and Marketing Steering Group Chairman Katie Hall said: “We want everyone to have a great time in Torquay – and that includes the local community. We are starting to spread the message now about being positive over the weekend and feedback has been really good so far. I am excited about everything we have planned for this year’s Convention and I hope everyone who attends is positive and has a great time.”

If your club or county is attending Convention and would like to see a copy of the positive campaign presentation, please contact Matt Caldicott for copies or your County office.

02 March 2017



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