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23 April 2017

A massive team effort helped over 100 members last night after a fire started in the hotel they were staying in. Most members were at the Fancy Dress evening at the Riviera Centre when the incident happened but could not return to their hotel.

Members from Brecknock and Radnor Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs were stranded in the early hours of Saturday morning after the incident at the hotel.

Fortunately no one was seriously injured in the incident and NFYFC, YFC members, the local authorities and the Riviera Centre quickly pulled together to find alternative accommodation for the night and ensure everyone was accounted for.

Heather Black, NFYFC’s Chairman of Board of Management, said: “We are pleased to say that all our YFC members and the hotel staff are safe and well. The Riviera Centre has been brilliant in letting our members stay over in the Centre last night and providing refreshments for them. Torbay Council provided emergency supplies so everyone had a sleeping bag and Arley Medical Services have been supporting members.”

County staff, fellow YFC members and NFYFC staff worked tirelessly throughout the night with the local authorities to ensure families were informed and to make information widely available.

Heather added: “Thanks to the support and generosity of local hotels, all of the YFC members affected have been allocated accommodation for tonight. Local hotels also provided extra towels for the YFC members staying at the Riviera Centre over night, which was much appreciated.

“Primark in Torquay also kindly opened its doors early so that new clothes could be purchased for the YFC members who were without their belongings – some of whom were still in fancy dress from the Princes and Princesses party at the Riviera Centre. It has been a real team effort between the Torquay community and YFC.”

NFYFC wishes to thank Torbay Council, Riviera Centre, the police and fire services for their support during this incident and the Federation is continuing to work with them on this ongoing investigation.

Heather added: “Young Farmers have enjoyed being in Torquay this weekend to celebrate our Annual Convention and we thank Torquay residents and local businesses for making us welcome again for what we know is a major event for our Federation and the seaside town. We will be working with the mayor and local authorities to discuss future NFYFC Conventions in the Bay.”

NFYFC has set up an incident telephone line for anyone who is concerned about a family member who is at our Convention. Please call 07495 903 430.


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