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08 May 2017

Young Farmers raised £15,000 for charity during NFYFC’s Annual Convention in Torquay this April. 

The money raised was on top of the estimated £1.2m that Young Farmers’ Clubs (YFCs) raised for charity in 2016.

Members fundraised in the build up to the weekend for their chosen charities and during the Convention they also threw their support behind a local cause in Torquay.

A pot of £3,000 was collected from Young Farmers for the Torbay branch of the charity Street Pastors, who were on hand to support members throughout the weekend.

The charity offered 345 volunteer hours over the weekend, supporting young farmers while they were out in the town. Coordinator Trevor Staveley said that despite the long hours, the volunteers enjoyed themselves.

“We were thrilled to have you all,” said Trevor. “Everyone we saw during the weekend was polite and friendly. We hope to see the Young Farmers back in Torquay again!”

The money raised from the weekend will help the Street Pastors with their annual running costs, which have to be sourced from fundraising. They are also saving to buy a new van so they can operate in Paignton and Brixham and the money will also go towards that.

Trevor added:  “It was fantastic to hear how much was raised for the charity during the weekend.  I have volunteers already asking to be on rota for your next visit to Torbay!”
In time honoured tradition, members also travelled to Convention in challenging ways to help raise money for charity.

Thirty members of Cornwall Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (FYFC) paddled and trekked over 100 miles to Torquay and raised £5,000 for The Alzheimer’s Society on their journey. Eight members of Yorkshire FYFC tandem cycled from Knaresborough to Torquay and raised £3,500 for Anthony Nolan Trust and nine members of Abingdon YFC also jumped on their tandem bikes to raise £4,000 for a local cancer charity called Blue Skye Thinking.

Verenique Beviere from Abingdon YFC said:  “We hope that the money raised will go some way towards aiding research in to new treatments for children with brain tumours. This has been an incredible experience for all involved, and many a memory has been made. However, I do believe that no one will be in a rush to get back on a bike again anytime soon!"


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