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10 May 2017

Young farmers in Berkshire have won a trophy for donating the most amount of life-saving blood out of all the counties across England and Wales that are part of the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC).

The trophy, which was awarded by NHS Blood and Transplant as well as NFYFC, was in response to a year-long campaign called YFC Life Blood, which challenged members to register to donate blood to help save lives. Berkshire Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (FYFC) recruited eight new donors and made 21 donations during the campaign.

Berkshire has YFCs in Newbury, Bradfield, Shefford and in Windsor and Maidenhead.

Oxfordshire and Lincolnshire FYFCs were praised for being runners up in the competition after making 20 donations each and also registering eight new donors.

In total during the campaign, young farmers’ life-saving blood donations helped 291 patients from 16 April 2016 to 17 March 2017. A total of 97 blood donations were made by YFC members during the campaign period. 

Every unit of blood donated saves or improves the lives of up to three people. Over a lifetime some blood donors help more than 500 people through their donations.

The NFYFC campaign was led by its national Chairman for 2016 Chris Manley as he wanted to prove that YFC members really are the lifeblood of their local communities. It also tied in with the NFYFC's dedication towards farm safety.

Chris Manley said: “YFC members are renowned for challenging themselves and raising thousands of pounds for good causes across the country. But in 2016, we challenged our members to show their generosity by registering as blood and organ donors! It was great to see so many of our members backing the campaign not only by giving blood but by sharing stories on social media too.

“Members of Berkshire FYFC have done brilliantly to get so many of their members involved and I hope that because of the YFC Life Blood campaign, many more of us will continue, or start to, give blood on a regular basis.”

Many people would not be alive today if donors had not generously given their blood. NHS Blood needs over 6,000 blood donations every day to treat patients in need across England.
As well as the donations by YFC members, Berkshire found that families also got involved in giving blood too.

Berkshire’s County Chairman Katherine Bunn, who collected the award at NFYFC’s Annual General Meeting in Torquay, said: “Berkshire FYFC are really proud to have picked up the YFC Life Blood award for being the YFC county federation to give the most donations and to have the most registered donors. We worked hard to raise awareness among our membership about the benefits of giving blood and how it could save lives. Berkshire members and their families really got behind the national campaign and I hope that we will all continue to give blood and raise awareness about the importance of doing so.”  

Zeeshan Asghar, Partnership Development Manager at NHSBT said: “We are grateful to the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs for their support throughout the year. Raising awareness of blood and organ donation amongst young people is really important. Half of all blood donors are over 45 so it’s important we recruit younger people to donate blood to help meet patient needs now and in the future.

“Young people can also play an important role in helping to normalise organ donation, discussion amongst their peers and family will generate debate and allow individuals to be open about their decision to become an organ donor, if and when the time comes.

Find out more about the YFC Life Blood campaign.

08 May 2017

Applications for The Prince’s Countryside Fund (PCF) Land Rover bursary are now open and successful applicants receive a 12-month loan of a Land Rover Discovery Sport.

The annual bursary, in its fourth year, is aimed at rewarding the UK’s most enterprising and entrepreneurial young people working in rural Britain. The bursary has proven to be a springboard for success for talented rural workers for the last three years.

As part of the life changing opportunity, five winners will be provided with the Discovery Sport, known for its capability over a wide variety of terrains and weather conditions, alongside Land Rover off-road and all terrain driver training.
Helen Reeves, an associate member of Norfolk FYFC, was a successful applicant to the bursary in 2016 and said that the use of the Discovery Sport has helped develop her rural business Waveney Dexter Beef.

Helen, who rears a herd of pedigree Dexter cattle for breeding and beef production, said: “Without the Discovery Sport I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. I wouldn’t have been able to grow my business in the way that I have – both because of the publicity I received after winning and due to being able to transport feed across difficult terrains and dirt tracks, to make meat deliveries.

“It has opened so many doors and wherever you go, you have that royal stamp on the side of the vehicle so everyone thinks you’re by royal appointment – it’s such a talking point,” said Helen who was driving a Nissan Micra before winning the 12-month loan of the Discovery Sport.

Claire Saunders, Director of The Prince’s Countryside Fund said “The past winners of the bursary have seen their businesses go from strength to strength over the year and we are excited to be offering the opportunity to more new beneficiaries. There is a real need for young people to be supported in every way possible and with so many more keen to get into rural industries or develop their own businesses, we’re excited to see how these vehicles can help them achieve their dreams.”

Applications are open now online and must be completed online by Wednesday 31st May 2017. The Prince’s Countryside Fund Land Rover Bursary is open to UK residents aged between 21 to 35 living and working in a rural area.

08 May 2017

Young Farmers raised £15,000 for charity during NFYFC’s Annual Convention in Torquay this April. 

The money raised was on top of the estimated £1.2m that Young Farmers’ Clubs (YFCs) raised for charity in 2016.

Members fundraised in the build up to the weekend for their chosen charities and during the Convention they also threw their support behind a local cause in Torquay.

A pot of £3,000 was collected from Young Farmers for the Torbay branch of the charity Street Pastors, who were on hand to support members throughout the weekend.

The charity offered 345 volunteer hours over the weekend, supporting young farmers while they were out in the town. Coordinator Trevor Staveley said that despite the long hours, the volunteers enjoyed themselves.

“We were thrilled to have you all,” said Trevor. “Everyone we saw during the weekend was polite and friendly. We hope to see the Young Farmers back in Torquay again!”

The money raised from the weekend will help the Street Pastors with their annual running costs, which have to be sourced from fundraising. They are also saving to buy a new van so they can operate in Paignton and Brixham and the money will also go towards that.

Trevor added:  “It was fantastic to hear how much was raised for the charity during the weekend.  I have volunteers already asking to be on rota for your next visit to Torbay!”
In time honoured tradition, members also travelled to Convention in challenging ways to help raise money for charity.

Thirty members of Cornwall Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (FYFC) paddled and trekked over 100 miles to Torquay and raised £5,000 for The Alzheimer’s Society on their journey. Eight members of Yorkshire FYFC tandem cycled from Knaresborough to Torquay and raised £3,500 for Anthony Nolan Trust and nine members of Abingdon YFC also jumped on their tandem bikes to raise £4,000 for a local cancer charity called Blue Skye Thinking.

Verenique Beviere from Abingdon YFC said:  “We hope that the money raised will go some way towards aiding research in to new treatments for children with brain tumours. This has been an incredible experience for all involved, and many a memory has been made. However, I do believe that no one will be in a rush to get back on a bike again anytime soon!"

04 May 2017

Get out there and get heard is the call to arms for Young Farmers from NFYFC’s new President Charlotte Smith.
The Radio and TV presenter was officially elected as NFYFC’s President during the 85th Annual General Meeting in Torquay and said she hoped her communication skills could help young farmers during a critical time for the industry.
“At the moment particularly, whatever your views, young farmers will need to communicate those views with people who don’t understand farming, and I am hoping I can help with that,” said Charlotte.
Charlotte attended the Chairman’s Reception on Friday evening at the official opening of the Annual Convention, and then went to the AGRI Forum and the Entertainments Finals on Saturday.
The broadcaster was impressed with the standard of talent at the competition finals and said she would not have liked to have been a judge.

Charlotte took over the role of President from Poul Christensen who stepped down after four years.  He said he had been "honoured and privileged" to have been the Federation's President for the past four years and that he had been "inspired, amused and impressed" with everything YFC does.
A particular highlight for Poul during his tenure was seeing Young Farmers help out during the Somerset floods as it had shown the true spirit of YFCs.

04 May 2017


Farmers Weekly is on the hunt for the Rising Stars of the UK agriculture, food and environmental industries.

 They’ve teamed up with the Woodland Trust to launch a search for individuals aged 18-35, who are already making a real impact in their sector and are ones to watch for the future.

The aim is to recognise and promote the talents of the next generation of farmers, agricultural professionals, academics, researchers and others in the food and farming supply chain.

Farmers Weekly want to hear about people who are making a mark, people who are changing things for the better – it doesn’t matter whether it’s on the family farm, in the laboratory, in a big multinational business or anywhere in-between.

The initiative aims to inspire young people from outside food and farming to consider this vibrant and fast-moving industry as a potential career choice.

Nominations are welcome from everyone – no matter what your relationship is to the nominee – family member, friend, manager, colleague or mentor.

Self-nominations are also welcome.

The deadline for nominations is midnight 28 May 2017 and for further details visit

04 May 2017

We are happy to confirm that the next Train the Trainer (Northern Area) is taking place on the 28-29th October at YHA Grinton Lodge,  Grinton, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL11 6HS.  Please find the booking form attached. Northern Area ITOL Train the Trainer Booking Form and Course Details 2017 amended.doc


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