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27 June 2017

NFYFC is searching for seven YFC members to join a Governance Review working party that will help modernise and shape the Federation’s governance and rules.

Applications for the posts are needed by Friday 7 July so work can begin quickly on the necessary changes. The purpose of the working party is to review current arrangements, recommend changes and additions, modernise governance operations and the language used in the ruling documents. It is important to the NFYFC Board of Management that the group includes YFC members who can prepare a draft document that will then be presented to the YFC community for consultation.

The working party is supported by several ‘experts’ on organisational governance and experts in the operations of the NFYFC’s current governance and rules. 

The working party will be expected to edit the first draft of the document they prepare to include any recommendations following the consultation with NFYFC’s membership. 

Work involved

Members of the working party will be expected to attend two or three meetings as well as join two or three conference calls to carry out the work. 

As the group will comprise YFC members from across England and Wales, it is expected the meetings will take place at the YFC Centre, Stoneleigh Park, which is central location.  Travel expenses will be available. The dates for the meetings are set, and these are:-

  • Friday 18th August 2017
  • Saturday 25th November 2017
  • Saturday 20th January 2018

We are looking for people who have:  

  • A good level of YFC experience
  • Understanding of the relationships between clubs, count federations, YFC area committees and NFYFC
  • A good communicator – someone who expresses their opinion, argues their point and listens to and compromises with other opinions
  • Prepared to commit to two or three full day meetings and some Skype/phone meetings
  • Ideally in membership age

Please note

  • You do NOT need to be a member of Council or an YFC area committee
  • You do NOT need to have read or have any knowledge of the constitution and standing orders.

To express an interest in joining the group, or to nominate a YFC member, please email Sandra Bromley by the close of business on Friday 7th July 2017.


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