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03 July 2017

Pembrokeshire FYFC took home seven out of the 17 awards at the 2017 Competitions Day, claiming victory in many of the public speaking finals.

It was a clean sweep in the Brainstrust competition, where Pembrokeshire won trophies for Best Chairman (Rhys Jones) and Best Panelist (Tomos Evans) and were also declared the Best Team.

The County also won the Best After Dinner Speaking competition as well as taking Best Chairman (Nia Lloyd) and Best Vote of Thanks (Alaw Grug) in the Junior Speaking competition. Pembrokeshire won the top award for the Efficiency with Safety competition too – for the seventh consecutive year!

Pembrokeshire’s County President Alwyn Evans said it was a “tremendous day” for the County. “We had a huge representation at the event so to come away with so many awards makes myself, as President of the County, very proud of our talented members. We have had a very good Public Speaking year!”

Pembrokeshire’s success could be due in part to its training programme that has been put in place to support members through each competition. After winning at County level, the winning members and teams for each competition are allocated a personal trainer to help them through Area rounds and in preparation for the NFYFC final.

“The trainer comes to the competitions and watches the team compete and is involved in the process all the way through,” explained Alwyn. “Our success is credit to the calibre of the members really, as you can train them as much as you want but if your members aren’t willing to work hard it doesn’t bear fruit in the end. But they did and it’s all worked out very well!”

Yorkshire FYFC also had a successful weekend, winning the team trophy for Junior Speaking as well as Best Speaker (Rebecca Pickles). They also claimed victory for Junior Member of the Year after Thomas Barley won the title beating off stiff competition from the six other finalists.

Rebecca Pickles from the winning Yorkshire Junior Speaking team said they had been practising ahead of the competition: “Look happy and be yourself! You will be more relaxed that way,” advised Rebecca from Lothersdale YFC whose Yorkshire team was for the first time made up of the winners from the County rounds. Rebecca’s team mates were Anna Booth from Rathmell YFC  and Rebecca Stapleton from Silsden and Skipton YFC.

“You gain confidence as you do it more,” added Rebecca whose parents are former YFC members and were there to see her win the trophy for her team and for Best Chairman. “As you gain more confidence, you tend to talk to more people in other teams and you gain friends that way as well.”

The Southern counties came out top in Clay Pigeon Shooting – Alex Drake from Hampshire FYFC won the 17 & under and Henry Mitchell from Buckinghamshire FYFC won the 26 & under. Devon FYFC also brought home the silverware in Fence Erecting and Situations Vacant (James Gould) and Gloucestershire won the Junior Reading award.

For all the photos from the NFYFC Competitions Day 2017, please see the album on Facebook.

03 July 2017

With the importance of land-based industries coming to the fore, there’s a recognised need to ensure our workforce education, training and skills are highly developed and championed.

That’s the remit of the National Land Based College (NLBC), established as a virtual college to address our farming, growing and land based industries’ workforce training and skills challenges. NLBC’s work was highlighted at the recent NFYFC AGRI Steering Group meeting with a recommendation for all YFC members to view their on-line digital hub, which is the one stop shop for land based skills.

NLBC has strong links to the majority of the specialist land based colleges and universities, whilst being employer-driven. The virtual college aims to develop collaborations and partnerships across the sector, and maximise the use of learning technologies and high quality blended learning.

With future aims of being a portal for ‘all roads to careers, skills and training’, it’s just what we’ve all been waiting for.

NLBC will specifically:

  • Attract and guide more talent and advocate the sector as a profession offering STEM careers.
  • Create an NLBC careers information portal and registration scheme, linked to existing sector initiatives - including NFYFC training.
  • Collaborate with other bodies to create careers frameworks and joint promotional tools.
  • Endorse and showcase high-quality training and development across the land based sector.

NLBC can provide you with information, opportunities, resources and career connections that will be invaluable to you throughout your land based journey.

You can register with NLBC and stay up-to-date with latest developments. Register me now!


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