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03 July 2017

Bonding as a team boosted Skelton YFC’s chances in the Football finals when they scored the winning goal at NFYFC’s Sports Day.

The team, who only decided to enter their County competition at the last minute, put their all into coming first at the national final after coming second to Raughton Head in the Northern Area round. When faced with their Cumbrian opposition, Raughton Head, in the semi-final at the national Sports Day, they beat them and then went on to win 1-0 against Ceredigion FYFC.

“It’s such a long way to travel from Cumbria to Staffordshire, so we wanted to make it worthwhile going,” said team mate Mark-Lucas Winspear. “The atmosphere on the bus on the way back was brilliant compared to how we felt on the way down!”

Mark’s advice for YFCs competing in future sports competitions is to get fit and socialise. “Just make sure the team bond together. We went out lots to get to know each other well as it’s no good if you’re always arguing. Some of the lads were already doing CrossFit training every week and so all of us started to do this in the build up to the competition.”

Gelling as a team was also important for Shropshire FYFC’s Netball team who even joined their local Netball league to help them pull together and learn more skills. Jessica Powell was one of the eight women who made up the winning team and said that practice definitely made them better.

“All eight of us joined the local netball league in Shrewsbury and it definitely meant we practised more regularly and also helped us work better as a team. We have competed in six matches in the league and have another six to go,” said Jessica who has just been elected County Competitions Chairman for 2017-18. “I would definitely recommend to other clubs to get involved in a local team if you’re serious about competing at national level.”

Despite the nerves on the day, their extra practices paid off. “When we turned up we didn’t expect to win as everyone looked so good,” said Jessica. “We had so much support on the day from family and friends so it was fantastic when we did win! We’re a small club so winning a national competition has really raised our profile.” 

For the winning Mixed Rounders team from Farnley Estate YFC, in Yorkshire FYFC, it was all about the rehearsal – as they put in two and a half hours of practice every week in the build up to the competition. They even got their parents involved to play the opposing team for them in their practices.

“It has been 41 years since the Club won a Rounders competition at the national finals,” said Jessica Barker who competed in the team with her brother Sam. “We had a lot of people rooting for us and we got lots of encouraging texts every round we got through.”

Farnley Estate’s team was made of 10 members as young as 11 years old and the eldest was 17 years old (16 at the time of entry).  The Club President was so delighted to hear of them winning that he’s taking them all out for dinner to celebrate.

 For all the photos from Sports Day 2017, please check out the album on Facebook.


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