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05 July 2017

After three years of entering the Junior Member of the Year competition, Tom Barley, from Great Smeaton YFC in Yorkshire, finally clinched the title!

The 17 year old, who lives on a beef and sheep farm in North Allerton, has been a YFC member for four years and regularly takes part in competitions – twice winning the national Live and Carcase stockjudging competition.

Undeterred by his previous lack of a win in the Junior Member of the Year competition, the college student, who has his sights set on managing his family farm one day, said he used each experience as a chance to perfect his attempt at the competition the following year.

“I have never created a CV before I did this competition and at first I didn’t know where to start. But I have used the advice I have been given at each stage of the competition to make it better each time. I also asked older relatives and people at college, as well as friends, for their honest feedback on my CV. All of this helped me create a much more presentable and readable CV this year,” said Tom.

As well as the CV and personal statement that Tom had to complete for the Junior Member of the Year competition, he also had to give a presentation at Competitions Day to a panel of judges. This year’s performance was 12 months in the making!

“In previous competitions, I had put a lot of words on my presentation slides and I found the judges were reading them rather than focusing on me,” said Tom. “This time around I used images to show what I had been doing over the last year. I started taking monthly photos for this competition a year in advance as I knew what I wanted to achieve. It worked as I had a much better connection with the judges.”

Tom will now join the Youth Forum, alongside the other six finalists in the competition, and will help to represent the younger members of the Federation.

“I am always saying to our junior members that they have as much of a say in the running of their club, county and Federation as the older members. When I was younger, I didn’t feel like I had a lot of say in decisions but everyone can and should put their views forward,” said Tom who is Assistant Secretary in his Club, Sports Captain and looks after the juniors for competitions. “I go to all the District Committee meetings and represent Great Smeaton. Being involved in YFC public speaking competitions and taking on roles in my club has given me so much confidence. I’d like to get a position on the national council in the future – and maybe even go for Chairman!”

The other finalists that will join Tom on the Youth Forum are: Gemma Owen from Montgomery FYFC, Jessica Elliman from Berkshire FYFC, Peter Cotton from Staffordshire FYFC, Amy Stubbs from Lincolnshire FYFC, Charlotte Scott from Somerset FYFC and Beth Maskell from Suffolk FYFC.


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