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05 July 2017

Pembrokeshire’s outstanding record in the Efficiency with Safety competition has continued as it picked up its SEVENTH title.

The County put their success down to the training they do in advance of the competition with dedicated trainers. Winning team member Caryl Bevan from Llys-y-Fran YFC said the trainers helped them to win.

“They put a lot of time in to make sure we're ready for the competition and that we've practised on similar machinery. We're all friends so we do have a bit of fun with it, especially in practices.”

The team start training individually around two weeks ahead of each stage of the competition, and then have some joint training in the final week.

As well as a dedicated team of trainers, people also helped Pembrokeshire by showing them how their machinery works and loaning manuals to them.

“Since our Club has a long history of doing this competition, past members give us tips and some new insight,” added Caryl. “As it’s one of those competitions our Club has always done well in over the years, sometimes there’s a bit of pressure to do well.”

The Efficiency with Safety competition is changing in 2017-18 due to feedback from members about the difficulty in sourcing equipment for the county rounds of the competition.

First aid and health and safety will still be a major part of the competition and NFYFC will be working closely with Yellow Wellies to create new scenarios for members. Arley Medical will also still be involved in preparing a farm accident to challenge the competition team.

New tasks being added to the competition include welding, angle grinding and one involving an ATV bike - members will need to provide a certificate of competence.  

NFYFC Chairman Ed Ford said: “It’s really important that NFYFC includes a competition that promotes and encourages farm safety. The competition is a great way for members to learn and practise safe farming skills. It’s great news that we are relaunching the competition with an emphasis on ensuring members obtain recognised certificates in ATV and for them to practise first aid skills. We want YFC members to have the knowledge so they know how to manage real-life situations. Yellow Wellies will help us to achieve this with their help in preparing the scenarios in ou national final.”

NFYFC will be supporting Farm Safety Week from 24-28 July. Find out how to get involved here.


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