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03 August 2017

Thanks to online pledges from YFCs and County Federations, during Farm Safety Week in July, thousands of members will receive life-saving farm safety training.

NFYFC asked its 624 clubs to ‘pledge’ their commitment to putting the training on their Club Programmes during the 2017-18 membership year. Members took to social media to show their support by posting NFYFC’s pledge cards on their social media sites and registering their interest in the course on the booking form.

Culm Valley YFC (pictured) was one of the clubs to post a pledge online and tweeted: "#TeamCV are making the pledge to deliver the farm safety Curve training as part of #FarmSafetyWeek!"

The training, which has been developed with the Farm Safety Foundation – organisers of Farm Safety Week, has been created to ensure the next generation of farmers is more aware of the dangers and can help to instigate changes.

So far, only 173 YFC members have received the training in their club but thanks to the surge of interest in the course during Farm Safety Week it is hoped more members will be reached.

NFYFC Chairman Ed Ford said: “A huge thank you to all the clubs that have pledged to run the farm safety training course in 2017-18 - we need all our clubs to do the same. It's a fun and interactive training session with a serious message – it could save someone’s life. Farm safety is really important and as the next generation of farmers, we need to lead the way and make a difference.”

Farming continues to have one of the poorest safety records of any occupation in the UK and Ireland. The latest annual figures from the Health and Safety Executive show that out of 137 people killed or fatally injured in workplace accidents last year, 27 worked in agriculture.

YFCs and members also supported the week by sharing materials from Yellow Wellies and using the hashtag #FarmSafetyWeek. The Farm Safety Foundation’s message for the week was farm safety – it’s a lifestyle not a slogan.

The farm safety training is part of NFYFC’s suite of training courses called the Curve. These sessions are delivered by NFYFC’s certified trainers in clubs across England and Wales and are aimed at developing skills and raising awareness on a range of topics.

If you would like more information about the Farm Safety training module and to run the session in your club please visit the Farm Safety Week page.


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