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03 August 2017

Young Farmers in Devon have launched a new safety campaign to encourage the farming community to wear a seatbelt when they are driving a tractor.

The campaign, called #buckleupforiceman, was launched after the tragic death of YFC member Todd Riggs who was killed in a trailer incident in the week leading up to Farm Safety Week. Todd’s nickname was Iceman. 

Gemma Smale-Rowland, Todd’s friend, helped to launch the campaign and said: “We’ll never know if a seatbelt would have saved Todd’s life but it has certainly made people think about wearing one.

“Todd’s passion was for farming and he was always looking for a better and safer way of doing things. I’m sure if this had happened to anyone else he would have been in full support of this campaign.”
The challenge asks people to nominate friends and family to ‘buckle up’, take a photo or video, share on social media and tag at least two more people to do the same.
The campaigners are also getting stickers printed to stick on tractor doors and windows with the #buckleupforiceman hashtag.


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