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08 September 2017

Young Farmers’ Clubs (YFCs) will be promoting how great their clubs are by taking part in a nationwide photo competition during National Young Farmers’ Week (18-24 September 2017) organised by leading rural youth organisation The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC).

Judged by NFYFC Ambassador Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1 and Farming Today presenter and NFYFC President Charlotte Smith,YFCs are being asked to take a club selfie in their YFC shirts that will promote the benefits of joining their YFC out of the 619 clubs in England and Wales.

The winning photo will be the one that makes the judges want to join their YFC the most and the club will win a digital camera, with video functionality, courtesy of HOPS Recruitment, NFYFC’s specialist agri recruitment company. 

NFYFC President Charlotte Smith said: “I will be looking for some interesting ideas in the photos our YFCs enter to this competition! As I am starting to get out and about to meet more YFC members, I’ve realised that, despite all of you being part of the same Federation, each club is unique.

“It’s amazing to see all the different activities you host every week in your clubs and I can’t wait to see how you portray all of this in your photo entries. So phones - and even actual cameras - at the ready, to see if you can capture what your YFC is all about in just one picture!”

NFYFC Ambassador Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1 said: “I'm really excited to see all the entries for the National Young Farmers' Week photo competition. You all know how much I love visiting and DJ’n for as many of the 619 Young Farmers’ Clubs as possible across England and Wales. It's fair to say if you've been to one of my gigs that I end up taking a lot of photos myself! This sounds like a fun competition and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures that show me and the rest of the world what is great about being part of a YFC.”

To enter, YFCs need to take a fun and creative club selfie and post it on social media (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) using the hashtag #yfcforlife and tagging @NFYFC and @hopsls in your post.

Photos should be posted during National Young Farmers’ Week and the winners will be announced the following week.

National Young Farmers’ Week 2017 runs from 18-24 September and culminates in our national finals of Cookery and Floral Arts at the Malvern Autumn Show in Worcestershire. There are a number of social media assets available to download from the NFYFC website for NFYFC supporters to use to raise awareness of YFCs during the week.

About National Young Farmers’ Week 2017

National Young Farmers’ Week celebrates the positive impact YFCs have on their rural communities and in developing young people’s skills. The aim of the week is promote YFCs to more rural young people so they are aware of the benefits the Federation can offer them by providing an active social network and developing skills.
There are 24,500 members of NFYFC who are all offered opportunities to take on roles in their YFCs to help with the running, budgeting and management of their charity. There are also opportunities at a County, Area and National level as a member-led organisation. The skills developed through NFYFC’s competitions, training, travel and agricultural activities have all proven to benefit young people throughout their lives, which is why we will be using the hashtag #yfcforlife during this National Young Farmers’ Week.


Designed by Kevyn Williams