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21 September 2017

NFYFC is celebrating 70 years of its bespoke travel programme for YFC members and is launching 16 new opportunities for members to apply for in 2017-18.

The YFC Travel programme started in 1947, with Kenneth Osborn the first member to take a trip overseas, which was to the USA.

While forms of travel have changed over the years – it took members six weeks to travel to Australia in the 1970s – the positive feedback from the adventures has remained a constant. In 2016, 100% of members who had been on the trips said their experience was positive.

The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust has supported YFC Travel for the past 15 years, enabling members of Young Farmers' Clubs to experience unique travel opportunities, receive expert training and realise their dreams.

Since 2002, The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust has given nearly a quarter of a million pounds to help young farmers and in the last 12 months more than 1,500 YFC members are expected to benefit from this support. Read more about the Trust here. 

Five top facts about YFC Travel:

  1. YFC members travelled a total of 491,286 miles in 2017
  2. NFYFC has assisted 815 members to travel overseas since 2000 
  3. In the last 70 years, Australia, Canada and the USA are the countries YFC members have visited the most
  4. This is the 30th year since NFYFC launched the C Alma Baker trip to New Zealand. YFC members receive a working scholarship and travel to New Zealand for free to live and work on a beef and sheep farm
  5. 123 members have travelled on the C Alma Baker trip since it began.

In the 2017-18 membership year, YFC members are invited to apply for 16 different available trips. These range from staying with host families in Canada to volunteering trips in Nepal or South Africa.

Steven Crane, from Longridge YFC, travelled to New Zealand earlier this year on a working scholarship with C Alma Baker and said the experience was life-changing. Steven now has ambitions to set up his own sheep farm away from his family farm.

“Since I have returned, I have started to look for my own plot of land. It has given me the confidence and experience to think I can do it myself. I learnt so much and feel inspired to do more,” he said.  

There are four scholarships available to YFC members through the C Alma Baker trust – and the three month trip also allows for participants to spend an extra month travelling the island.

Other trips available include taking part in European seminars with Rural Youth Europe as well as an opportunity to attend their Rally.

Applications for YFC Travel must be submitted by 3 November 2017. All the information is available here.

Read more about YFC members’ experience of the C Alma Baker trip from over the last 30 years here. 


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