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27 September 2017

A dish of zebra, ostrich and buffalo followed by a goat stew and a trio of South African desserts has won this year’s National Cookery Finals.

Judges said that the unique menu, which was put together by Fishguard YFC from Pembrokeshire, took them to South Africa.

“If you shut your eyes, it was like you were taken to South Africa,” said Hetty Zeigler-Jones. “They smashed it with their flavours – it was simple cooking but they used great ingredients and really great flavour.”

The Pembrokeshire team - made up of 27-year-old Jill Luke Evans, 19-year-old Llinos Raymond and 15-year-old Cerys Davies - like to bring something different to the table in the cookery competition. After finishing runners up last year with a menu that included insects, this year they turned to bush meat to come up with a truly authentic food experience.

“You spend so long cooking these meals so you want to do something that is a bit different and that you can change and develop,” said team member Jill Luke-Evans. “We didn’t want something that other people would cook.” 

Competitors were asked to put together a meal based on the theme of ‘Around the World’ that would impress two exchangees who were visiting from a location on the YFC Travel programme.

“We decided on Africa straight away, but we also wanted it to be somewhere you could travel to with YFC, so we chose South Africa. None of us has been there, but I’d really love to go!”

Judges said that Pembrokeshire was the clear winner but that standards across the board had been higher than ever, including one entry whose food presentation could easily grace a Michelin Star restaurant.

“Some of the food presentation was quite incredible,” said judge Ben Axford. “But it wasn’t just the food – team communication, personal presentation in terms of outfits and hygiene were all stepped up a notch from previous years.”

The Pembrokeshire trio also took part in a cookery demo at the Malvern Autumn Show on the Sunday. The team cooked up their entry into last year's Cookery competition, using ants and other insects, to a crowd of spectators at the Show. 

Winning line-up: 

1st place: Pembrokeshire FYFC

2nd place: Bedfordshire FYFC

3rd place: Carmarthenshire FYFC

Best presentation of the day: Lancashire FYFC

Best dish of the day: Yorkshire FYFC for their Panna Cotta

Best Display of the day: Cumbria FYFC



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