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03 October 2017

The EU must lift the barriers to young people in the farming sector by offering them access to land and a fair income, according to a survey released by CEJA. 

The UK provided 53 responses to the EU-wide survey, which highlighted the barriers for young farmers.The survey also revealed that European young farmers are environmentally conscious and want to be recognised by society for their work sustaining local communities.

The European Young Farmers: Building a Sustainable Sector report was launched at the European Parliament and NFYFC and NFU Next Generation CEJA reps James Evans and Richard Bower represented the UK at the meeting in Brussels.

Opening the conference, CEJA President Jannes Maes said: “Without young farmers in the fields of Europe the future of food production and open landscapes would be compromised.” He said the report would raise awareness about the situation of young farmers across the EU.

During their time in Brussels, James and Richard were part of a working group to consider the EU consultation on a fairer food supply chain and contributed to the formulation of a CEJA paper on Unfair Trading Practices (UTP).

Around 100 people attended the conference including young farmers from across the EU, NGOs, industry associations, and EU and national officials.

Download the full European Young Farmers: Building a Sustainable Sector report.



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