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25 October 2017

NFYFC’s Council has voted to support two European events over the next two years.

NFYFC will host Rural Youth Europe's European Rally in 2019 and a European Council of Young Farmers' (CEJA) event for young farmers across Europe in March next year.

The decision to support the two events was confirmed at the October Council meeting, and a working group has been set up to control the organisation and funding of the Rally.

The CEJA event will involve farm visits and will help CEJA to develop its position on Brexit and future international trade.

When presenting the proposal for the CEJA event to Council, Chair of the AGRI Steering Group Harriet Wilson, from Staffordshire FYFC, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to show that young farmers can collaborate to influence their position and create a bright future for our industry.”

The meeting, which was held in Coventry from 21-22 October, involved county representatives and elected members of Council. Representatives brought feedback and ideas from their respective counties and areas to the first half of the Council meeting on Saturday morning and got involved in four steering group meetings in the afternoon. Reports and decisions were then made at the Council meeting on Sunday morning.

The packed weekend also involved in-depth conversations about the future governance of the Federation. The working group responsible for driving the formulation of a new set of rules and byelaws for NFYFC has asked for more feedback from members on this topic before 25 November 2017.

A new training target was announced for this membership year, with a goal to issue 2,500 Curve modules in 25 different counties. A new Fundamental (Back to Basics) Curve module has also been launched which helps YFCs learn about the fundamental requirements for running a club.

During the meeting Council also agreed that National Young Farmers’ Week 2018 would be later than this year’s event to give YFCS and counties more time to prepare for recruitment activities. The agreed dates are 8-12 October 2018.

The three fancy dress choices for the Saturday night at Annual Convention were also announced during the meeting and a poll for members to vote on will be launched that includes the choices Four seasons, Glow in the dark and Cartoons.

Other Council highlights included:

  • A fundraising campaign is being launched to help raise funds for a new national office
  • The AGRI Forum, that is hosted at the Annual Convention, is being re-named to AGRI Brunch. 
  • A Tug of War training course for judges and recorders is being launched and past members are encouraged to apply. 
  • The Youth Forum has developed a set of educational fact cards (available as a download) to support and enhance the Watch that Cowpat! game.

A full report from October’s Council meeting will be circulated to all county offices.


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