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02 December 2017

Switzerland is proving to be an inspirational destination for YFC travellers as for the second year running a presentation about the country has been chosen as the Best YFC Travel Multimedia Campaign.

Elin Harvard from Brecknock YFC is this year’s winner after creating a Powerpoint presentation with photos and facts about her homestay experience in Switzerland in June this year.

Elin’s active involvement in the farming activities on her trip was one of the reasons why she was chosen as a winner.

Judge Gary Vizard, from NFU Mutual, said: “After having viewed all the videos I judged Elin Harvard's to be the best on the basis that it seemed to encapsulate more of the ideals of the programme and she seemed to engage with the farming activities and everyday life the programme looks to encourage.”

Everyone who gets the opportunity to go on a YFC Travel trip is asked to create a presentation detailing their experience. Elin will win a trophy and a YFC goody bag, which will be presented to her during the Annual General Meeting in Blackpool next May.

Elin said she enjoyed putting the presentation together and encouraged others to take part in YFC Travel.

“It's so important that YFC travellers document and share their fun and findings. I had a ball sifting through my photos and putting my presentation together, though squeezing two weeks' worth of incredible experiences into a short PowerPoint was not easy,” explained Elin. “The YFC Travel Programme is jam-packed full of priceless opportunities to see the world in a very unique way - don't let them pass you by!”

Watch Elin's winning presentation here: 


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