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05 December 2017

More than 500 YFC members have benefited from NFYFC Curve training since September – an increase of nearly 30% on this time last year.

The Farm Safety Curve training module, which was developed with Yellow Wellies to raise awareness of the dangers on farms, has proven to be the most popular course so far. A total of 15 different YFCs have delivered the course, with Devon delivering it five times and Nottinghamshire three times.

Counties and clubs pledged to deliver the training module during the 2017-18 membership year after NFYFC ran an awareness campaign during Farm Safety Week.

Many of the counties and clubs that pledged to deliver the potentially life-saving course have done so or have planned their sessions for the new year.

Malmesbury YFC in Wiltshire pledged to run the farm safety course for its YFC members and invited Chairman Ed Ford to deliver it to them in November.

Liz Hutchinson, Malmesbury YFC’s Club Chairman, joined 29 other members from her club and Purton and Cricklade YFC for the training session. She said: “I had a great evening on the farm safety course. It was a great meeting for both junior and senior members to get together and talk about farm safety in a relaxed way. We shared our experiences of safety on farms and ways to improve personal safety – and to stop and think before carrying out a task!”

The Curve is a series of fun, interactive workshops that explore everything from organising the best money spinners to strengthening relationships in your clubs.

Each training session is around 1.5 hours long and must be delivered by a certified NFYFC trainer and registered with the training officer at NFYFC.

Find out more about Curve training sessions, including the Farm Safety course. 


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