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Fun, Learning, and Achievement

05 December 2017

An assault course proved to be a practical way to learn how to navigate the challenges that can be thrown at you during a year as a County or Area Chairman or Vice Chairman. 

40 new Chairs and Vices joined together at Condover Hall in Shropshire in November for leadership training to help them in their year in office. 

The training involved workshops and training sessions covering finances, communications and leadership development.  Louise Willis-Keeler, director of Learning and Development at Psych Logical, helped the Chairs and Vice Chairs to equip themselves for good leadership, management and relationship building. 

The weekend training also included some adventurous outdoor climbing activities and karaoke in the evening!

Eleanor Smale, Sussex’s County Chair, said she had a great time at Equipped as she was able to share experiences with others. 

“We’ve chatted a lot about what we struggle with and find positive – from fundraising to membership, events and competitions; it has all been really useful.” 

Staffordshire’s County Chairman Richard Mottershead and Vice Chairman Polly Baines also found the weekend useful and both were surprised by how much they had learnt. 

Polly said: “There was no death by PowerPoint, which I was really worried about to start with – we’ve been outside and kept very busy. It’s not what I expected from a training weekend, it has been really good and I have enjoyed it.”

Richard added: “All Counties do similar things but we do it all in different ways. It’s definitely worth coming, I wish I had come last year when I was a Vice Chair.”

Equipped is an annual training event for all Area and County Chairs and Vice Chairs. You can see all the photos from the weekend on Facebook.


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