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23 January 2018

Three women from three different Areas of the Federation are hoping to be elected to the top positions on the NFYFC Council this February.

Lynsey Martin, 29, from Ashford & District YFC in Kent, Katie Hall, 29,  from Tewkesbury YFC in Gloucestershire and Laura Elliott, 29, from Gower YFC in Glamorgan have all submitted their nominations to Council and will stand for election at the next Council meeting on 18 February.

Lynsey, who has been a Vice Chair of Council for the past two years, has submitted her nomination for Chairman and has plans to champion more agricultural education in schools should she be elected to the post.

“I am passionate about raising the profile of the industry as a viable career prospect to all young people. This is a huge topic which the industry is beginning to address and as your representative I will be challenging the industry to support NFYFC to achieve this,” said Lynsey.

This will be the second year that Katie will stand for election as Vice Chair and she is keen to build links with city farms to raise awareness of the importance of farming. 

Katie said: “The slogan ‘you don’t have to be a Farmer to be Young Farmer’, is extremely appropriate and important to me.  When I joined YFC I had no farming knowledge or experience, however the organisation gave me an insight into agriculture that started my career journey in this industry.”

It will be Laura’s first position as part of the NFYFC Council’s top table but she is currently the Wales FYFC Chair so is well versed on being a leader at a national level.  Laura is keen to focus on recruitment and retention and as part of the Events & Marketing Steering Group, she has contributed to National Young Farmers’ Week and wants clubs to build on this activity.

“Recruitment and retention are an ongoing challenge and it fascinates me, as well as frustrates me, that we are able to achieve the same percentage in loss of current members and gain in new members each year,” said Laura.

The NFYFC Council will meet on 18 February where each candidate will be proposed and seconded for the roles ahead of Council voting on their appointments. If their elections succeed, it will be the first time since 2012 that there will be three women at the helm of the organisation.

Opportunities for YFC members to join the NFYFC Council by being co-opted on to it are currently available too. For more information about getting involved, see here.

Meet the nominees

Lynsey Martin, Ashford & District YFC, Kent FYFC

Freelance livestock worker. Member of YFC since she was 18.

Lynsey has held many club and county positions as well as being Chair of the national AGRI Steering Group before standing for the position of Vice Chair of Council two years ago.
As AGRI Chair, Lynsey attended CEJA meetings and ensured young farmers’ views were heard in UK discussions post-Brexit. Getting involved in the Big Bang Careers Fair has encouraged Lynsey to push the promotion of agricultural careers in schools and to ensure everyone is aware of the opportunities the industry offers.

Laura Elliott, Gower YFC, Glamorgan FYFC

Project Officer at Swansea University. Member of YFC since she was 11.

Laura has held numerous positions at club and county level and is currently Wales FYFC Chair. She is a former winner of Senior Member of the Year, which was a catalyst for her interest in being elected for national positions throughout the Federation.

She has been involved in planning and organising the YFC activities at the Royal Welsh Show and has chaired meetings and has discussed issues with Government figures as well as YFC members. Laura enjoys being a leader and is keen to help progress the Federation through a focused approach to tackling priority projects.

Katie Hall, Tewkesbury YFC, Gloucestershire FYFC

Regional Sales Manager/Calf Nutritionist. A member since she was 18.

Katie has held positions at club and county level as well as being the Events & Marketing Steering Group Chair and a Vice Chair of Council for one year.

Katie has been on many adventures through the YFC Travel programme and is keen to promote the programme’s benefits to more members. She has developed skills through the YFC training programme and through her role on national Council leading the Events and Marketing Steering Group on planning for Annual Convention and general communications.

Katie is keen to share the benefits of YFCs with a wider audience and to promote farming opportunities. She is keen to create links with city farms and to set up a schools liaison link in every County Federation.


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