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16 February 2018

Farm safety training for YFCs has seen a seven-fold increase since 2016 with more than 1,000 members attending an NFYFC Curve session on the topic.

The course, which is proving to be the most popular Curve module delivered in clubs so far this membership year, has been taken up so well thanks to an online campaign in 2017 that encouraged YFCs to pledge to deliver it.

The push to offer more farm safety training was driven by 2017-18 Chairman Ed Ford whose goal was for each Area of the Federation to deliver at least five Farm Safety Curve training modules. Ahead of Ed’s final report to Council on Sunday, the Chairman can report that all of the Areas in England have met this target and a total of 68 YFCs have delivered a session, with 15 more scheduled to take place. (The map on the right shows where all courses have been pledged and delivered in dark purple. The light purple areas are where the courses have been pledged but not delivered yet).

It’s a massive improvement on 2016-17 figures, where only 201 YFC members received the training in seven counties. Already this membership year, 20 counties have got on board with Devon FYFC taking the glory for delivering the most courses (10) closely followed by Yorkshire that has delivered six.

Feedback from YFC members following the training revealed that 97% of YFC members felt that the course has improved their awareness of farm safety. Of those members who completed the course, 78% of them live, work or have hobbies on a farm – meaning the courses are also reaching the right people.

“We wanted all our YFCs to commit to putting the training on their 2017/18 club programmes and show their commitment by sharing pledge cards on social media,” said Ed about the online campaign. “The pledges showed the industry that Young Farmers are dedicated to farm safety. It’s really encouraging to see that the pledges converted into actual training. Thank you to everyone for taking this issue so seriously."

Farming accounts for just one percent of the UK workforce however it is responsible for 15/20% of all UK workplace fatalities. It is hoped that NFYFC’s Farm Safety Curve module, which has been developed with The Farm Safety Foundation, will help to change the next generation’s attitude.

“To know that nearly 13% of YFCs have supported this campaign is a great start. There’s still a long way to go and we must continue to keep pushing for all YFCs to deliver this course. If your YFC hasn’t talked about it yet, why not ask them to get it on your programme today. Our industry must change and we, the younger generation must lead it,” added Ed.

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