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22 February 2018

The Ladies Tug of War weight limit will reduce from 580kg to 560kg for the 2018/19 competition.

The decision to change the weight was made by YFC members in the Competitions Steering Group following consultation with members.

The change in weight was agreed so that the competition rules would fall in line with Tug of War Association weights for Ladies’ competitions, which are 520kg and 560kg. The decision makes it be easier for YFC teams to practice and compete in Tug of War Association competitions across England and Wales.

Chairman of the Competitions Steering Group Fay Thomas said: “We asked all member representatives to consult about the weight change with their Areas and counties prior to the Competitions steering group meeting in February. The decision of the group was that from the 2018-19 competitions year the weight for the Ladies Tug of War competition will be reduced to 560kg. It’s a really positive move and means more YFC teams can compete in even more Tug of War competitions!”

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