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25 June 2018

A debate about democracy over tea and cakes took place during NFYFC’s Council weekend to celebrate 90 years since the Representation of the People Act 1928.

The anniversary of the Act, which gave all men and women over 21 the equal right to vote, has been marked across the country with a range of EqualiTeas events. Communities have been encouraged to host debates over tea and cakes to share what democracy means to them.

NFYFC hosted its event during its June Council weekend where more than 50 members discussed the importance of equality and debated how important democracy was to them.

Vice Chair of NFYFC Council Laura Elliott said: “Within a YFC setting, democracy to me is being able to be part of the decision making in the organisation and contributing to all of the decisions that affect me as a member. Every member has that opportunity to share their voice.”

EqualiTeas, which is a UK Parliament initiative, supports the 100 years since women and all men were given the right to vote.

YFCs are being encouraged to host an EqualiTeas event with their club between 18 June and 2 July. For more information and to register your event, visit



22 June 2018

Being a Rally Chairman in 2018 has been a rewarding experience for Charlotte Garbutt and one that has given the Lincolnshire FYFC member a whole load of new skills to boot! If you're stepping into the role of Rally Chair in 2019, be prepared for what's in store with this top advice!

How many people attended the Lincolnshire FYFC rally?

Approximately 800 people with members competing in 93 classes on the day.

What did you learn from the experience of managing a team?

There were 20 individuals on the rally committee alongside our County officials who helped to organise the day. You have to adapt your management style for different people. Some individuals would just get on and do what they need to do with very little guidance whereas others needed a gentle nudge every now and again – and I'll admit I did too!

How far in advance did you start planning?

I was elected as Rally Chairman in July 2017 and we began putting the committee together in October. Things such as sorting the venue, I did early on but nearer to the event there were lots of things that were being sorted weeks before. We tend to use the same companies year on year as they understand young farmers and are competitive in price too so there was that ability to rely on suppliers.

How did you feel the night before the rally?

We had just about everything sorted and everyone seemed fairly relaxed and excited. I didn't know what to expect, I just prayed it wouldn't rain!

What was it like on the day?

I’m currently the President of the Students’ Union at Harper Adams and I was definielty able to build on the skills I have gained in that role while being Rally Chair. Life doesn't go without a hitch and you have to accept that it’s normal, particularly when it is being run by volunteers. Perseverance is a very important skill and having patience as there will always be someone who wants to test it! Problem solving is also essential as no matter how much planning goes into something, you always have to have an alternative solution if things don't work out or if problems arise. Remaining calm and providing a solution is very important.

Would you recommend the role of Rally Chair to others?

Absolutely. Being Rally Chair allows you to organise the biggest event of the Young Farmers’ calendar and it is so rewarding. As well as improving managerial, event management and people skills, it also allows you to witness the enjoyment from all those taking part as they compete and fly the YFC flag and it’s a fantastic feeling to know that you contributed to that.

The Rally was held at Beeswax Dyson Farming, Carrington by kind permission of Beeswax Dyson Farming and was sponsored by Chandlers Farm Equipment. 

08 June 2018

In a joint-bid to help promote native breeds and brand Britain, the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) have collaborated to produce a new guide to help youngsters get a taste for showing livestock.

‘A guide to showing’ will be launched with Adam Henson at the RBST stand within the Ask the Farmer marquee of the Three Counties Show on Saturday, 16 June, to demonstrate a new resource for all would-be livestock showmen and women of the future.

The Defra-funded project aims to help encourage more young people to take an interest in showing native breeds and the part they can play in sustaining rare and endangered breeds. The Royal Three Counties Show champions both the NFYFC and the RBST with special features held at the show including Ask the Farmer supported by the RBST and the Young Farmers’ Village. It supports youngsters in their first steps of showing through the Young Handler classes held each day of the show.

RBST’s President Jimmy Doherty has stated in the guide’s foreword that he is pleased to see the two organisations teaming up on a project encouraging more young people to show livestock. 

Both organisations and their respective members are keen to encourage the younger generation to get involved with keeping and showing livestock and help promote the future of British agriculture.

RBST Chairman Gail Sprake, NFYFC AGRI Chair James Hutchinson, NFYFC’s Vice Chair of Council Katie Hall and YFC members will be at the Three Counties Showground for the launch to highlight the importance of our native breeds and opportunities for young people in agriculture.

RBST Chairman, Gail Sprake said: “We are thrilled to be working with NFYFC, and by producing this booklet together, we hope to increase the numbers of young people showing animals across the UK. Showing is a fantastic first step in a young person’s journey to becoming a full-time farmer and we are confident that this booklet will encourage more youngsters to compete in the show ring.  

NFYFC AGRI Chairman James Hutchinson said: “We are delighted to continue collaborating with industry partners and Defra to help promote ‘brand British’.  Our farming industry has a lot to be proud about and we want to share future opportunities, not only with our younger members, but with all young people who are passionate about food, farming and the countryside.”

The new online guide is now available from the NFYFC website


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