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06 July 2018

NFYFC has FIVE free places available for YFC members to be part of a Rural Youth Ideas Festival in Scotland from the 1-3 August.

The Ideas Festival will bring together rural youth from Scotland, the UK and across the world for a series of talks and workshops to share knowledge and promote leadership.

With glamping, live music, local food and outdoor activities, the festival will be held on Hilton of Aldie Farm near Kinross for over 100 participants who have been invited for their potential to lead and make change in their rural communities.

With a line-up of thought-provoking speakers, leadership and skills workshops, live music and outdoor fun to encourage conversation and team spirit, the aim the Rural Youth Ideas Festival is to give young people the confidence, skills and a network of contacts to support them with their endeavours, and to ensure that they are not left isolated following the event.

The Rural Youth Ideas Festival, themed Be the Change YOU Want to See, marks the completion of the first Rural Youth Project survey. This online initiative was launched in February 2018 to discover what is important to young people, aged 18-28, living and working in rural areas, and what measures need to be taken to sustain young people in the rural economy.

The results of the survey will be announced at the Ideas Festival. The outcomes of the workshops and discussion groups at the festival will be combined with the analysed results of the survey to produce an action plan to be presented to the Scottish Government and industry organisations in the Autumn by Jane Craigie Marketing.

Speakers include:

  • Matt Naylor of the successful Lincolnshire enterprise Naylor Flowersand Farmers Weekly columnist.
  • Heather Wildman of consultancy Saviour Associates talking about rural businesses and overcoming challenges.
  • American Paralympian and farmer’s daughter, Kendra Lancaster will be sharing her story
  • Ellie Strohm talking about her experience with disadvantaged young people and how youths themselves might be able to bridge the divide between rural and urban communities.
  • RYP partners will be at the event to support and facilitate the delegates’ big ideas.

If you would like to take part in this event, contact for more information and to secure one of the five places available.

Please view the information leaflet about the Rural Youth Ideas Festival here.


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