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17 July 2018

After Norfolk FYFC member Edd Barker had a farm accident, he was determined to teach the younger generation to not make the same mistakes.

"If they understand it when they’re younger – before they’ve had the chance to learn bad habits – then they should be safer when they’re older,” said Edd who has delivered the Farm Safety Curve training module to nine out of Norfolk’s 12 YFCs so far.

Not afraid of delivering some hard-hitting safety messages to younger members, Edd has developed an engaging way to deliver the course that appeals to all ages.

As an experienced YFC trainer who has completed NFYFC’s ITOL certified qualification, Edd has been able to adapt the course to meet the needs of younger members.

“I like to use model farms when I’m delivering the sessions so that people can see the scenarios,” said Edd. “You get a bit more interest and engagement and it makes it easier for people to identify things and put them into context – especially useful for the younger members.”

Edd uses a tipped up straw trailer, overhead power cables, and stacks of straw to show the dangers of them falling on people.

“When they see the scenarios in model form, they engage more and understand it better,” added Edd whose sessions are usually made up of between 20-25 people with ages ranging from 13 to 26 – as well as a few advisory members taking part too who are in their 30s.

“I find that having mixed groups works well for everyone – because the older ones can help to give the messages a bit more context too. And when we break the bigger group into smaller groups for a task, the younger ones and the older ones work well together,” added Edd. 

While Curve modules are generally aimed at members aged 14+, most of the modules, including Farm Safety, can be adapted to make them more inclusive for younger members. For example, as well as the model farm, Edd has also changed some of the language he uses during the session to break down some of the more complicated sections.

“If you keep it simple and teach it at their level, they take it on board a lot more. In fact, the older participants have told me that they enjoy this approach too,” said Edd.

For more information about delivering the Farm Safety Curve module in your YFC and for tips and advice, contact Josie Murray.

To find out ways you can support Farm Safety Week 2018, visit the page on the website, register your interest in your farm safety training for your club and download our social media graphics.


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