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01 August 2018

Two YFC members are joining hundreds of young people at a Rural Youth Ideas Festival in Scotland this week to hear from inspiring speakers, attend workshops and enjoy live music.

Amy Panton, a member of Cumbria FYFC, and Katie Evans from Glamorgan FYFC, have both received free places to the three-day Festival on a farm in Kinross, after taking up an offer posted by NFYFC on social media.

Amy said: “I am attending the Festival because I think it’s important to mix with young people from other rural areas and share experiences, as this will help develop the rural community.

“It will hopefully allow the development of ideas to get rural young people involved in activities and build a network of contacts. Meeting people from other backgrounds and communities will help to develop a dialogue.”

The event is part of the Rural Youth Project, which is supported by NFYFC, and has been set up to find out more about the opinions and attitudes of 18-28-year-olds. Its goal is to inform wider industry and policy-makers and consequently to support the future of young people in the rural economy.

A major part of the project is a survey, which has gathered the views of more than 750 young people living or working in rural communities in the UK and Australia, Canada, Sweden and the US.

The results show that 72% of young people living in rural locations feel optimistic about their future despite the challenges of transport, access to services, employment and connectivity.

Forty-five percent said they found it difficult to find work close to where they live and 60% wanted more access to activities to meet other young people in their areas.

The results also highlighted that 94% consider digital connectivity essential to their future, in the context of 12% of respondents having no mobile coverage and more than a third citing internet speed of less than 4MB per second.

Over half of the respondents said they didn't feel they had a say in the future of their community with regards, for example, to transport and planning.

Seventy-two percent were optimistic about the future, though 25% of respondents were considering moving to an urban centre.

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