National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

21 August 2018

Motivating speakers, live music and a chance to network with 80 rural young people from all over the world has inspired one YFC member to be more open to new opportunities.

Amy Panton from Cumbria FYFC was one of two YFC members who attended the Rural Youth Ideas Festival in Scotland at the start of August, which was organised by Jane Craigie Marketing and supported by NFYFC.

Amy listened to speeches made by Paralympian Kendra Lancaster, Christy Macfarlane who works for Bruichladdich distillery in Islay and Matt Naylor who runs a successful flower business in Lincolnshire.

“A thought from Kendra that still resonates with me is 'say yes to every opportunity' because you don't know where it will lead and you may end up finding your passion,” said Amy who was chosen to attend the event after responding to a call out on social media inviting YFC members to the Festival. “Listening to the speakers made me realise that rural communities have helped so many people become who they are today but, whether we are in Europe or the wider world, rural communities face many of the same challenges – from connectivity to isolation. We cannot make change on our own but together we can, and our connections across Europe and the world are important now more than ever.”

The three-day festival also included workshops and live music. Amy attended a sausage making session as well as a mixology group and said both workshops were “great fun and had us all laughing and smiling.”

On the final day, attendees learnt more about the power of networking and the strength of your personal story.

“Having attended the networking session, I have a new found knowledge in how to approach someone at a conference that I want to talk to. Making the first step is always nerve racking but the other person is probably feeling the same! Your story is what makes you who you are and your key values. Everyone is unique and we all have a story to tell,” added Amy.

The Rural Youth Ideas festival was part of the Rural Youth Project – an international research study looking into the challenges and opportunities for rural youth.


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