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22 October 2018

A letter from NFYFC Chairman Lynsey Martin to all YFC members

Hello everyone,

After a weekend of important discussions, I really wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts with you from the Council meeting.

Yesterday your democratically elected Council debated all the reasons why the Convention was cancelled and decided to support the Board in its decision.

A motion for a vote of no confidence was not passed with a clear majority (83%) supporting the Board. Two amendments made to this motion were also debated and defeated.

Your concerns were raised and discussed by your elected Council members during the meeting. At your next County Exec you should expect to hear more details about the Council’s discussions.

The Council is currently putting in place a group of YFC members to lead on the membership’s input into the strategic plan. Watch out for future opportunities to have your say.

As I saw throughout National Young Farmers’ Week, we all love this organisation and are proud of what it achieves. That was evident this weekend when YFC members represented your Counties and are helping to shape future plans. If you would like to read more about the Council meeting, please see here.

Finally, I am going to steal some words from a Life Vice President and former President of this organisation that were made at the AGM earlier this year. I think Poul Christensen’s following message about YFC is so appropriate for us all.

You have something really precious Young Farmers – nurture it, treasure it, grow it. You’re holding it in your hands. Don’t drop it because it is immensely important, not only to you, but to future generations.

Best wishes,


NFYFC's Chairman of Council 2017-18

A version of this letter was sent on 22 October 2018 to all YFC members who have registered an email address with NFYFC.


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