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16 November 2018

NFYFC has launched a new Curve training module called Beat Bullying and three clubs in Leicestershire volunteered to pilot it during Anti Bullying Week.

What will you learn on the course?












This course encourages members to understand the different types of bullying, the effects and impacts of bullying and the importance of teamwork and cohesion within a YFC.

How do members learn?












Using an interactive online quiz, YFC members use an App on their phones to answer questions on a screen.

There is also an interactive video section – where members are shown a video of someone being bullied and prompted to make a decision about what actions they should take. Whatever decisions the group decides to take determines the next part of the video that is played, which helps to show the consequences of the choices made.

What’s the feedback like?











Enderby and District YFC was the first club in Leicestershire to pilot Beat Bullying. Club member Gemma Mooney said: “We loved the interactivity of it. We were learning as we were going – some of the facts and figures were quite shocking.

“It was good to have an element of competition but learning at the same time. It got people to talk. People who had been on the receiving end of bullying, or who knew someone who had, were willing to share their stories.

“It made it a lot more personal and made people stop and think about their own behaviour – things they might have thought were just fun and banter might be unacceptable."

The photos are from Market Bosworth YFC's training session. Watch a video from Market Bosworth YFC showing their session in action.


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