National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

27 November 2018

A weekend of leadership development for County Chairs and Vices will help to improve County Federations across England and Wales.

The Equipped training weekend, which was based at Mount Cook Adventure Centre in Derbyshire, provided information on topics such as the Federation’s structure, communication, elements of a strong county and how to run county events. There were also interactive team building sessions to help unite everyone in their new roles and encourage people to share best practice.

Lucy Stowell, Norfolk’s County Chair (pictured right, writing), says the weekend helped her realise she was not alone.

“Things you think are an issue or you’re worried about are the same in other county federations,” said Lucy who has been on the course twice before. “I learnt so much on previous occasions and was able to meet people in the same role to create good relationships to work together. It’s always full of different tasks and you learn something new each time.”

It was a similar experience for Ben Theaker, Vice Chairman at Nottinghamshire FYFC who feels the training will help him in his new role. “I wanted to improve myself and get to know people in other county federations,” said Ben. “The training I received will help me and the chairman improve our county in areas such as making sure you have a crisis plan for events and parties.”

The NFYFC training supplements courses that are run by county federations but also helps members to connect with others in similar roles. Fun outdoor activities, such as archery tag, were also included in the weekend.

The training helps the Chairs of county federations understand how to build strong teams, work with others and be effective leaders. County Chairs are often also charity trustees of their Federation so understanding the level of responsibility involved is vital.

Lucy added: “This year we all made three pledges about what we wanted to achieve during our year of office. This will give me something to focus on. I want to be able to tick off my list with a sense of achievement. I’m also going to look at using the event planner we were given to help YFC members think more about the event they are putting on.”

Ben (pic right, second from left) added: “Everyone was such a great bunch and it has inspired me to get more involved at a national level and to encourage future chairmen in my county to attend the training weekend when it is their time.

“If we want the organisation that we all love and treasure to continue we need to look into our own clubs and think what we can do to improve our image and show everyone what we’re about.”

The Equipped training weekend is run annually by NFYFC. For more YFC training courses visit the courses pages.


Designed by Kevyn Williams