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06 December 2018

Thirty-nine YFC members have been given once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to experience rural life in a different part of the world in 2019, with the support of the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust.  

The YFC Travel programme is open to all YFC members giving them the chance to apply for one of 15 exclusive trips. Opportunities include working scholarships in New Zealand on a beef, sheep and dairy farm, staying with rural families in Europe, Canada or the USA, team travel with Rural Youth Europe or volunteering in Costa Rica or Sri Lanka.   

Sioned Davies (right), 20, from Pontfraen is off to Canada, supported by the youth organisation Canada 4H, and said she is “over the moon” to be staying with host families in the country.

“It’s the opportunity of a lifetime,” added Sioned who found the NFYFC interview process a positive experience. “It’s a fantastic way to meet everyone.”

Spaces are still available for the volunteering trips to Costa Rica and Sri Lanka. Organised through Projects Abroad UK, these trips are made exclusively for YFC members and have a rural and farming focus to the volunteering opportunities.

There is also one space available for Rural Youth Europe’s Autumn Seminar in Switzerland. The dates and programme are still to be confirmed but the week-long trip will be a chance to meet with young farmers from across Europe and will involve workshops and entertainment.

For more information about YFC Travel contact

2019 YFC Travel recipients

Austria Elizabeth Chapman, Staffordshire and Robert Faulkner, Warwickshire

Canada JFAO Steph Watkins, Gloucestershire

Canada 4H  

Sioned Davies, Brecknock  and Amanda Watson, Norfolk


Charles Kinston, Leicestershire and Rutland and Emily Sparkes, Somerset


Oliver Mackintosh, East Riding of Yorkshire

Northern Ireland  

Emily Topham, Derbyshire and Hannah Mason, Herefordshire


Evie Price, Shropshire and Rhiannon Probert, Herefordshire

Montana, USA

Zoe Whittall, Herefordshire

Colorado, USA

Adam Ringrose, Leicestershire

RYE European Rally 

  • Team Leader – Liberty Perry, Hereforshire
  • Alistair Hughes, Leicestershire
  • Olivia Major, Leicestershire
  • Rachel Goldie, Yorkshire
  • Jessica Armitage, Leicestershire

RYE Study Session

Emily Pincombe, Devon and Millie Etheridge, Oxfordshire 

RYE Autumn Seminar

Two spaces available

Costa Rica 

  •  Michael Grigg, Staffordshire
  • Amy Nicholls, Staffordshire
  • Bethan Jenkins, Pembrokeshire
  • Flossie Littlefair - Vernon, Shropshire
  • Lauren Bowe, Cumbria
  • Lydia Hopper, Devon
  • Gemma Mooney, Leicestershire and Rutland
  • Megan Moore, Leicestershire and Rutland

Sri Lanka

  • Hazel Stansfield, Lancashire
  • Lydia Freeman, Essex
  • Hannah Martin, Dorset
  • Lauren Bates, Leicestershire
  • Rebecca Hawkey, Cornwall
  • Verenique Beviere, Oxfordshire

C Alma Baker, New Zealand

  • April-August, 2019 Cerys Baker, Gwent
  • July-November, 2019 Patrick Rich, Somerset
  • Oct 2019-February 2020 Sophie Tamblyn, Cornwall
  • Jan-May 2020 Marged Jones, Ceredigion 


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