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30 January 2019

New resources from AHDB will help YFC members share positive messages about the food industry. 

Understanding how to respond to the latest consumer trends and campaigns can be difficult for those that want to support the industry.

NFYFC has teamed up with AHDB to provide information, social media assets and videos that can be used to help YFC members celebrate the industry. The information guide includes popular hashtags and shares advice on the dos and don’ts of how to respond to negative posts.

You can also download dairy social media assets, information and links to videos on the NFYFC website to use and share to support the industry. Or you can retweet or share any of NFYFC’s posts that the Federation make using these assets.

NFYFC’s AGRI Steering Group Chairman David Goodwin said: “It’s important to have positive, consistent and accurate industry messages to share to help support the industry. The information pack and assets provided by AHDB are a great resource and back up NFYFC’s social media Curve training too.”

There’s news and there’s fake news and you can get to grips with the reality of consumer trends better by visiting the AHDB Consumer Focus page that contains facts and stats to back up your posts. 

And if tackling social media issues is becoming a hot topic of debate in your club, why not update and train your YFC members, leaders and supporters on social media using the NFYFC Curve module The Power of Social Media?


Designed by Kevyn Williams