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30 January 2019

Meet Jacob Anthony – a Young Farmer from Bridgend YFC in Wales in the first of our monthly membership profiles! He may not know how to 'make YFC things' but apparently he does know how to throw some moves. Oh and he's got a pretty impressive trophy under his farming belt.

When did you join YFC?

I joined Bridgend Young Farmers club in 2007 at the age of 14.

Why did you join?

As my family have historically been heavily involved with Bridgend YFC (father, grandfather and grandmother are all past chairs) it was inevitable that I was going to want to follow in their footsteps and become a member of this fantastic club.

Why have you remained a member?

Once I joined there was never a fear of me not staying a member. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of different competitions and appreciate the life skills they have taught me but to me the most important thing has been befriending likeminded individuals from across the county/country and being able to socialise with them at YFC functions/events.

Greatest achievement in YFC?

My greatest achievement in YFC was being Chairman of Bridgend when it was our family's turn to host the County Stockjudging competition and we welcomed members from across Glamorgan to our family farm. The day was a great success and ran like clockwork thanks to the army of friends and family of Bridgend YFC who kindly gave up their time to steward. The icing on the cake was when Bridgend won the overall Stockjudging shield – needless to say I was one very proud Club Chairman!

Greatest achievement outside of YFC?

My greatest achievement outside of YFC came in October 2018 when I was named the Farmers Weekly Young Farmer of the year, something I still have to pinch myself to believe, even to this day.

Top skill you’ve learnt from YFC?

Apart from the amazing dance moves that come in handy on a night out I would have to say that the top skill I have learnt in YFC is the ability to stand up and speak in front of people. The many public speaking and stage competitions that I have been lucky enough to participate in over the years has allowed me to gain the confidence to do this. It's a skill I don't think I would have gained if it wasn't for Young Farmers.

The best thing you’ve ever made with YFC?

Most people who know me, I am sure would say that 'making stuff' has never been my strong point in YFC competitions. I have entered the woodwork comps in the past just to help get entries for our club when needed, but with little success. So with that in mind I would have to say the best thing I have ever actually made in YFC is an hors d’oeuvre when I helped out two of our junior members to make up a team for the cookery competition. And even that was only a cherry tomato and piece of mozzarella on a stick! The judges must have been impressed though as they put us through to the next round. I think that decision was probably more to do with the delicious food the girls cooked up for the other courses though.

Three words to describe your club?

Hospitable. Enjoyable. Passionate.

Has YFC helped you in your career?

As a farmer I believe that YFC has helped me in my career by allowing me to meet people from across the agricultural industry who I have learnt many things from. I’ve taken these insights back to the business at home and some of these contacts have proved invaluable. Young Farmers has also given me the opportunities to engage with politicians and decision makers about the future direction of agriculture, something that I think all of us farming members should try and to do whenever the chance arises. 

Someone you would like to thank in YFC and why?

I would personally like to thank Robert and Gwyneth Williams, two members of Bridgend YFC's Advisory Committee, who always go that extra mile to help the club in any way they possibly can. Rob and Gwyneth have provided expert public speaking training for the full gambit of YFC competitions and not to mention always supplying copious amounts of tea and cake! If it wasn’t for people like Rob and Gwyneth giving up their time then YFC would be a very, very different organisation.These volunteers are the backbone of the best rural youth organisation in the world!

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