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31 January 2019

NFYFC is supporting a new Government initiative to put young people at the heart of environmental social action during the Year of Green Action. 

As one of 25 partner organisations, NFYFC is supporting the #iwill4nature initiative that was officially launched on 31 January by Secretary of State Michael Gove in conjunction with the Government’s 25-year environmental plan.

Throughout the year, activity around #iwill4nature will draw together local and national initiatives in order to inspire green action.

In support of #iwill4nature, NFYFC will be launching its own exciting environmental campaign for YFCs to get involved in during 2019. Details will be made available after NFYFC’s Council meeting in February.

2019 is the Year of Green Action, which is an opportunity to encourage connection to the natural environment and collective action to improve it. One year ago the UK Government  published “A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment”, setting out its approach to protect and improve the environment and demonstrate leadership on conservation, climate change, land use, sustainable global food supplies and marine health.

The 2017 National Youth Social Action Survey, commissioned to run alongside the #iwill campaign, found that 44% of young people who had not been involved in social action in the past year were interested in addressing environmental issues (including animal protection).

Examples of green action include:

  • Taking part in environmental volunteering such as litter picking or planting pollinator-friendly flowers
  • Fundraising for to maintain or enhance green spaces
  • Campaigning for the zero plastic waste agenda. 

At the launch event the Environment Secretary Michael Gove said:

“As the future stewards of our planet, children and young people have a leading part to play in tackling the biggest environmental challenges of our time. They have the energy, ideas and drive to address issues in their schools and communities and inspire their peers to do the same.

“That’s why I am delighted to today launch the Year of Green Action – to inspire change across the UK. I praise the work of the #iwill campaign, its partners and its young ambassadors in supporting us to do this. I now invite and challenge every person to consider how they can get involved.”

24-year-old Step Up To Serve Trustee Pauline Meyer, and chair of the launch event, said:

“#iwill4nature recognises the impact young people already have on improving the environment and challenges them and others around them to make an even bigger difference. Whether it is looking after and appreciating their local green spaces, encouraging friends and family to make different shopping choices or choosing a commute that pollutes less. In the process you also get to develop skills, experience and boosting their mental health and wellbeing. I hope young people all over the UK can be inspired and supported to connect with the natural environment.”

About the #iwill campaign

The #iwill campaign is a collective effort involving over 900 partners (including NFYFC) from across the public, voluntary, education and business sectors with a vision to make meaningful social action part of life for 10- to 20-year olds by the year 2020, wherever they live and whatever their background. 


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