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26 March 2019

NFYFC’s Council, comprising of county elected YFC members and associate members, has proposed a 50% increase in the subscription fee (levy) that is paid by each member to the national Federation.

The motion will be proposed at NFYFC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday 12 May at Stareton Hall, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

At the current rate – this is equivalent to an increase of 18 pence per week that each member would pay to NFYFC, bringing the total NFYFC membership fee to 52 pence per week (increased from the current 34p per week).

The Council is putting the motion forward in response to the Federation’s growing deficit.  This has been caused by minimal increases to the subscription fee over previous years, external income that is no longer available to the NFYFC and also because the services provided by NFYFC to the YFCs and County Federations are in great need.

NFYFC Chairman of Council Katie Hall said: “It will be damaging to reduce the support services and programmes provided to YFC clubs and County Federations by the NFYFC but this will happen if YFC members do not get behind their national Federation and back a 50% increase to the subscription. Our membership fee is cheaper than other youth organisations and we have to be realistic about what services we can continue to provide on minimal increases.”

NFYFC provides support to the 46 County Federations that are affiliated to NFYFC in England and Wales. Local funding cuts have caused reductions to staffing hours in many County Federations and the workload has therefore increased at a national level as County Federations seek more support from the national body.

The outcome of the decision about the subscription fee that is made at the AGM will have an impact on the services and benefits that NFYFC can continue to offer (such as competitions, training and travel). Council Officers warned that the decision would ultimately have a serious impact on the future viability of the Federation. Materials and support information have been sent to all club and county chairmen.

NFYFC Council is now asking YFC Clubs and Counties to start meaningful debates about the proposed subscription fee and to discuss what NFYFC means to them.

Each YFC Club receives two voting cards to use at the meeting and every YFC Club is encouraged to attend the AGM to share their views.

For more information: 

For help with understanding more about the motions, visit here.

For help with holding a YFC meeting on this topic in your Club, visit here: 

22 March 2019

Statement about planned road blockages by protestors on Friday 22 March

NFYFC is aware there is a road blockage by protestors planned from around 5pm this evening until the early hours of Saturday morning on main arterial routes including but not restricted to the M1, M6 M25, M62, A1, A55, M5, M4, M42, M55, M61, A66.

This may have an impact on journey times for competitors travelling to NFYFC’s Public Speaking finals in Cheltenham and Retford on Saturday 23 March.

The Public Speaking finals will still be going ahead as planned from 10.30am in both locations and competitors are advised to set out in good time to reach the venue and to have an alternative route in mind should major roads be affected.

If you are held up due to the blockade, please keep in contact with your Chief Steward (telephone numbers are in your Competitors Notes). Stewards will aim to be as flexible as possible on the day.  

For information and booking in times for the Public Speaking finals, visit here.  


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