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09 April 2019

The Farm Safety Partnership (FSP), which includes NFYFC, is focusing on handling livestock safely in the second phase of its farm safety campaign.

NFYFC will be joining the farming industry to promote good practice when it comes to handling livestock. Incidents involving livestock are the second biggest overall cause of fatal injury in the farm work place second only to transport.

This spring, the FSP will be urging all farmers and farm workers to:

  • Select, use and maintain well-designed handling facilities.
  • Be extremely cautious when entering a cattle enclosure and always have an escape route.
  • Remove aggressive animals from the herd.
  • Separate livestock from the public wherever possible.

NFU Vice President and FSP Chairman Stuart Roberts said: “The FSP is working towards a target of halving farm fatalities by the end of 2023, but to reach this target we need farmers on the ground to start taking action and making real changes.

“A lot of it is common sense which can be easily overlooked when you’re busy or tired; taking extra precautions when a cow is with a calf, maintaining handling facilities so they are fully fit for purpose, not simply selling on an aggressive animal to another farmer.

“If we can take a second to identify where the risks are, we can actually take those risks away.”

David Goodwin NFYFC AGRI Steering Group Chairman said: “It's important that young farmers understand the risks of managing livestock and take steps to better manage those risks.

"NFYFC will be supporting the FSP with these key safety messages to ensure the next generation of farmers are leading the way when it comes to farm safety."

For more information and guidelines or to follow the discussion on social media, use the hashtag #FarmSafetyPartnership.


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