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13 May 2019

YFC members have voted against a motion to determine appropriate meeting spaces for YFC business meetings.

The motion, proposed by Katie Davies, from Pembrokeshire FYFC, was intended to formally state that the main body (bar area) of a public house was not an appropriate meeting space for YFC business meetings.

Katie explained in the proposal during the meeting. “As a democratic youth organisation where nearly half of our membership is under 18 it is vital that all of our members feel entitled and able to give their opinions.

“We all know that our membership age range is 10 to 26 meaning that some of our membership are still in primary school. Is the bar area really the best place to bring those junior members?”

Thomas Oatey from Cornwall FYFC seconded Katie’s proposal before speakers from the floor voiced their objections.

Daniel Graham from Northumberland said: “The local village hall would cost me £22.50 per night and I know which local enterprise I would rather support.” 

When put to the vote, YFC members present at the AGM voted against the motion.

Speaking after the meeting about the defeated motion, NFYFC Chairman Katie Hall said:

“This motion was never intended to suggest that YFC members could not gather in their local pub. With nearly half of all members under the age of 18, we wanted YFC members to consider the most appropriate spaces for their club meetings to take place.

“It was a positive discussion and interesting to hear the varied views of our membership. We hope that YFC members will still be mindful of the places where they hold club business meetings, as is set out in the YFC handbook, to ensure that we create proper environments for all ages.”

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