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23 May 2019

YFC members are being encouraged to get involved with #FarmingFortnight to help encourage primary and secondary schools across the UK to have a fortnight’s focus on British farming and food production.

The two-week campaign, from 3-14 June, is the brainchild of LEAF Education and Brockhill Park Performing Arts College. (who also have a YFC school club). With young people often being disconnected from the origins of their food and the people behind the story of their food, the fortnight has been developed for students and their teachers to engage with and understand farming and food production.

It follows the teenager research programme, which LEAF Education and Rothamsted Research developed during 2018. One of the main outcomes of the research with 1,200 12-18 year olds and 60 teenagers on farm was that over 35% of young people would like to find out more about where their food comes from and how it is produced; and another 32% would consider a career in this sector.

A theme that these young people highlighted was: ‘Let’s Connect,’ where they wanted short activities to engage with in school settings, using their peers to help them understand. This is why the partnership between LEAF Education and Brockhill Park Performing Arts College’s students has been key.

How can YFC members support #FarmingFortnight

YFCs can work with a YFC Trainer to engage a local school in the Future Farming module that was developed by NFYFC and LEAF Education. Resource packs can be requested from Josie Murray at NFYFC.

Individual YFC members can also support the campaign by using the relevant hashtags for each day during Farming Fortnight or by recording simple videos recorded on their farm during the fortnight, tagging @LEAF_Education and using the #s in their posts. 

The topics covered during Farming Fortnight, and the # for social media developed by the students at Brockhill, are:

Week 1:

  • Introduction to the British Countryside and food production #MarketMonday
  • Arable - wheat and oats #TractorTuesday
  • Sheep #WoollyWednesday
  • Pigs #Oink
  • Chickens (poultry) #FeatheredFriday

Week 2:

  • Cows – beef and dairy #MooingMonday
  • Fruit and Vegetable production #TastyTuesday
  • Woodland #WellyWednesday
  • Jobs/careers #FutureFarming
  • Programme summary to recap on what has been learnt #FarmingFriday




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