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26 June 2019

YFCs are taking part in Vision:2023 club sessions and sharing their views about the type of programme of events and activities they want to see NFYFC develop.

One session held in Collingham YFC in Nottinghamshire has inspired the club and helped them understand more about the role of the national organisation.

Collingham YFC’s Social Secretary Josie Troop said the club found the session very useful: “We don't have any direct involvement from our club with national and so it was a brilliant opportunity for us as a club to have that one-to-one conversation.

“There had been a lot of confusion between our members about what we get and what national provide to us so having someone come in and explain it to us was really helpful. A lot of them didn’t realise there was a link and some of the juniors found it really interesting and said they would quite like to be involved at national.”

 Josie explained that she has always held an interest in holding a national role but said she’d struggled to find a link to help her achieve that aspiration.

“Nottingham is quite a small county so we don’t always feel as if we have as much of a voice. It has definitely pushed our members to think a bit more about where they would like to progress in YFC. Our members have some brilliant ideas and we need to go and push them forward.”

The club discussed ways they thought the organisation could improve, which involved advances in digital technology and reviewing the offer for different age ranges.

Josie added: “The session has really made us look at ourselves and given us quite an insight. We’ve opened a door to having a bit more communication with national. Other counties and clubs should definitely consider holding a Vision:2023 session.”

The sessions, which have been created and delivered by YFC members who sit on the Vision:2023 strategy team, will use the views of grassroots members to help guide future plans. Clubs can register for a session between now and September.

In Chorley YFC in Lancashire, members discussed the structure of YFC, how they think it can improve and what they would like to see from the future of the organisation.

Rob Partington from Chorley YFC took part in the session and said: “I enjoyed the meeting because it has taught us a lot about the national structure of young farmers and what our club can do to be a part of it and where we can look to be in the next five years.”

NFYFC Council members also got involved in a Vision:2023 strategy session during their June meetings to share their views on the organisation.


Feedback from the Vision:2023 club sessions will be used to help develop the new strategy for the Federation. Plans that are being developed will be introduced over the next four years so YFC members do not have to wait until 2023 to experience the changes.

Vice Chairman of NFYFC Council and member of the strategy group Rachel Goldie from Yorkshire FYFC said: “This current stage of the process is about speaking to clubs and getting their input into the plan as we want the new vision to be led by the members. We will be presenting our findings to the October Council meeting and plans will start to take shape from there.

“My advice to members is to ensure you get involved in these sessions where you can as it’s your voices that matter. We need your help to make the changes necessary to keep YFCs relevant to rural young people today and in the future.”

Following this period of consultation, NFYFC will start delivering the new strategy from 2020 onwards.

YFCs can still register for a Vision:2023 club session between now and September. Visit here for more information and to register.  


Designed by Kevyn Williams