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26 June 2019

More than 5,000 sapling trees have been ordered so far in support of NFYFC’s #ProtectYourFuture campaign.

Reporting back at NFYFC’s June Council meeting, Marcus Bailey said it was great to see so many Counties getting behind the campaign but that there was definitely still time for others to get on board.

“This is a great opportunity for YFCs to not only safeguard the environment for the next generation but also to get some positive promotion for YFC locally and nationally,” said Marcus. “Supplies of sapling trees from The Woodland Trust are reducing rapidly now so please order your sapling trees soon if you want to be part of this national campaign.”

While orders for the sapling trees need to be made now, the national planting will not take place until November 2019. Clubs and counties are also reminded to put NFYFC after their name when applying for sapling trees as The Woodland Trust receives thousands of applications and it can help identify how many have been ordered to support the Protect Your Future campaign.

Nottinghamshire FYFC have recently ordered 420 wild harvest sapling trees that they are using to plant in a community care farm that is open to the public. The farm has a nature trail that is used by lots of community groups and the owner is passionate about growing trees and agroforestry. As the sapling trees will be planted near existing chestnut trees, the County wanted to add to the edible theme by using harvest saplings. The County also plan to plant hedging to protect the saplings while they grow.

Callum Kendall, Nottinghamshire FYFC County Chairman, said:

“As young farmers we need to be looking at protecting our future and the environment and this edible woodland will really give us the opportunity to do that.” 

If your club or county is interested in getting involved in the campaign, follow these steps to getting started:

  1. Identify an area where you could plant your sapling trees and gain permission of the landowner. Make sure the spot you’ve picked is accessible to the public and more than just in sight of a footpath.
  2. Choose the tree packs that best suit your area and read the FAQs on The Woodland Trust website.
  3. Apply online on The Woodland Trust’s website and let your County and NFYFC know you’re getting involved. Make sure you add NFYFC at the end of your Club/County name so The Woodland Trust knows your order is for the Protect Your Future campaign.
  4. Complete the following NFYFC form below once you have applied we can track how many projects are underway!
  5. Please tell NFYFC when your have successfully had your application approved.

For more information and details visit the Protect Your Future area of the website


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