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02 July 2019

Farmers across the country are working to reduce farm accidents and with a specific focus this summer to keep children safe on farm.

Over the next few months, NFYFC as a member of  the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP), will share practical measures that help keep children safe on farm, as well as members of the public who pass through.

NFYFC has a Farm Safety training module, developed with the Farm Safety Foundation, that is designed to be run during a YFC Club meeting. The course raises awareness of farm safety for those members who work on farms but is also useful for those visiting farms too.

NFU Vice President and chairman of the FSP Stuart Roberts said: “Children are an integral part of family run farm businesses. But we must remember that farms are first and foremost a working environment and, like any job, we should try to separate our work from our home life.

“Farms are not playgrounds. All children need is somewhere secure to play that is away from the work place, and if they do need to enter your place of work adult supervision is essential. Such boundaries become even more important during the summer holidays when children are at home.

“The FSP is sharing guidance and information on the law regarding child safety. I urge all farmers to get involved and help spread the word about how we can keep our children safe and happy on farm.”

Visit the NFU’s Farm Safety Hub for more information and guidance on child safety.

Farm Safety Week runs from 15-19 July 2019. 


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