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15 July 2019

NFYFC is supporting this year’s Farm Safety Week (15-19 July) by asking more of its clubs and counties to pledge to deliver its Farm Safety training module to help ensure the next generation improves farm safety.

A total of 2,644 YFC members have so far received farm safety training through the NFYFC’s and Farm Safety Foundation’s Curve module since it launched in 2017. While this figure represents just over 10% of the membership, NFYFC wants to see more clubs and counties committing to deliver the course – especially in light of the latest HSE figures.

Katie Hall, NFYFC’s Chairman of Council said: “NFYFC is backing Farm Safety Week as, while it is important to raise awareness of the issue in the industry, what we really need now is action!

“The Farm Safety Curve module is an ideal addition for YFCs to have on their club programmes and shows not only support for the industry but also that the next generation takes safety seriously.”

Agriculture continues to have the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK. Add to this the issue of rural isolation and the unique stressors facing the industry and this can lead to mental ill health and depression in those living and working in the farming community.

Farm Safety Week is organised by leading farming charity The Farm Safety Foundation and will encourage the farming community to stop and think about how they are looking after their physical and mental wellbeing.

Throughout Farm Safety Week, the Farm Safety Foundation, supported by the Farm Safety Partnerships, the Health & Safety Executive, Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland and the Health & Safety Authority, Ireland, will demonstrate how safety innovations and improved inspection and maintenance can build business resilience, highlighting organisations helping build personal resilience and introduce some incredible farmers that have been influenced by circumstances, stories or personal experiences to make a real change.

Stephanie Berkeley from The Farm Safety Foundation said: “Farming, as an industry, is absolutely vital to the UK economy – it is the bedrock of our food and drink industry. On a farm, as with any business, the number one resource is the people so why is it that farmers give more attention to their livestock, crops and machinery than to themselves and their own wellbeing?

“As a Foundation, we will continue to train the next generation. We will continue to conduct research into farm safety behaviours and attitudes and we will continue to create powerful and emotive campaigns and offer advice and guidance but the rest is in your hands... It’s your health, your safety, your choice!”

To pledge your support to delivering the Curve Farm Safety module, visit here

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