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16 July 2019

A fantastic summer of YFC sport came to a climax last weekend with the NFYFC Sports Championships.

Athletic young farmers competed in netball, touch rugby and rounders at Stafford Grammar School.

Emma Stone, from Leighton Buzzard YFC, was part of the victorious Bedfordshire team that won the netball competition.

She said: “We were absolutely delighted to have our names on that huge trophy again for a second year! Especially as three of our members are in their final year of YFC and we all just wanted to do it them, as we knew we might not get the opportunity again.

“After winning Eastern Area we were confident, although one of our best players – who used to play u18 National League Basketball – was unsure on whether he’d be able to attend due to work commitments. He was bribed and blackmailed into playing, as frankly we knew we wouldn’t win without him!”

As well as their basketball star, the Bedfordshire side – who are all from Leighton Buzzard YFC and Woburn YFC – also have five regular netball players.

The sporty Bedfordshire team also won last year’s Ultimate Frisbee competition and came second in netball the year before.

But they’re not finished yet – after picking up the trophy on Sunday, they went straight back to Tug of War training, ready for next month’s national competition at Tenbury.

In the Touch Rugby event, Brecknock came from behind to win in the final. Connor Grannell from Troedrhiwdalar YFC said: “It was quite a hard match – we went down at the start but we upped the pace and I think our fitness had them in the end.

“It was our first year at national. We all just went for a bit of fun – we weren’t taking it too seriously. It was a good day, the weather was nice and all the other teams were really friendly too.”

Yorkshire A won the Rounders event. Jacob Ryder, from Farnley Estate YFC, said: “We didn’t expect to win it because it wasn’t as strong a team as when we won it two years ago. We just went out there to try our best.”

The team also won last year’s Dodgeball competition, so they know what it takes to win. “We’re quite a sporty club,” said Jacob. 


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