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17 July 2019

Twenty YFC Clubs and County Federations have applied for sapling trees from The Woodland Trust in support of NFYFC’s Protect Your Future campaign and six more are looking to apply soon.

It’s estimated that YFC members have applied for 7,000 sapling trees to be planted in November this year in locations chosen by clubs and counties.

There’s still time for your club or county to get involved and be part of this initiative, which was launched during the Government’s Year of Green Action and in support of #iwill4nature. The national campaign aims to get more young people involved in environmental social action.

NFYFC has chosen to encourage YFCs to plant trees in their local communities due to all the benefits it can bring to climate change as well as wellbeing.

The #iwill campaign is planning a UK-wide tree planting day on 30 November called Tree Charter Day. It is a call to action for everyone and anyone to engage with tree planting as a positive response to the climate and bio-diversity crises and also to demonstrate hope that, collectively, the worst effects of these threats can be mitigated.

Clubs have so far chosen a range of sites to plant trees this November – including schools, community centres and nursing homes.

The following clubs and counties have submitted applications to the Woodland Trust and if you haven’t done so and still want to, then please speak to your neighbouring counties for top tips.

  1. Bedfordshire
  2. Berkshire – Bradfield YFC
  3. Brecknock
  4. Buckinghamshire
  5. Cumbria
  6. Derbyshire – planting at the people’s forest
  7. Devon – Braunton YFC, Blackmoor Gate
  8. Gloucestershire
  9. Hertfordshire and three clubs
  10. Kent – Weald of Kent YFC
  11. Leicestershire
  12. Lincolnshire – North Holland YFC
  13. Norfolk – Swaffham YFC
  14. Northamptonshire
  15. Nottinghamshire
  16. Oxfordshire – Abington YFC
  17. Somerset – Wedmore YFC, Ilminster YFC
  18. Staffordshire – Ashley YFC, Abbotsholme YFC
  19. Warwickshire
  20. Yorkshire – Rathmell YFC

If your club or county have applied for sapling trees and your name is not on the list please email Cath Sykes with your club name so that The Woodland Trust can identify you when you apply. Please remember to complete the form below when you apply so we can keep a record of who is taking part in the campaign and promote your involvement

To get involved in the Protect Your Future campaign and to find out how to order your sapling trees, visit here. 


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