National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

17 July 2019

BASC is once again looking for Young Shots who are passionate about shooting and conservation and would like to write, make videos and take photos to help promote shooting to future generations.

If you’re thinking about a career in journalism or a similar field, Young Shots Journalists will be a great way of improving your skills and gaining essential knowledge. BASC will offer free entry to Young Shots events in 2020 and all you need to do in return is write about how much fun you had.

BASC has also secured some amazing opportunities for its new journalists for 2020. The below companies will take each young journalist for an experience day that will vary from a day at a show or a tour around the premises to interviews, product reviews or similar.

  • Newton Rigg College
  • Eley Hawk Ltd
  • The Game Fair
  • Taste of Game
  • BSA guns Ltd

This will be a great opportunity for all young journalists to see what being a journalist looks like. For a whole year, you will become a reporter, finding and researching interesting subjects, writing about them, taking photographs and recording videos.

For the full details on how to apply please visit here

The competition closes on Monday 9 September, so there’s plenty of time over the summer holidays to work on submissions!



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