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10 September 2019

Can you help industry by sharing messages to reduce the spread and impacts of the devastating bTB disease?

Defra is currently analysing the effectiveness and awareness of information and tools available to help farmers protect their livestock from TB. The animal disease bTB needs to be eradicated due to its devastating consequences. YFC members can help to raise awareness and highlight the impact of this disease on farmers and their families and share information on what they can do to protect their herds.

There’s lots of relevant information available on the biosecurity section of the TB Hub and if you’re busy thinking of ideas to fill your club programme, bTB prevention could be a topic to cover. The website has a wealth of information, videos, podcasts and as well as highlighting useful advice which can also help to stimulate conversation for those affected by or working with the threat of bTB outbreaks.

You’ll find information ranging from statistics, practical guidance such as the interactive bTB map- ibTB and other useful links.  Inviting an appropriate industry speaker and using the topic for speaking and debating competitions would all help the effort to raise awareness and tackle the effects of bTB.



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