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22 October 2019

YFC members are being offered the opportunity to receive professional training to help them speak to young people in secondary schools about British agriculture.

NFU Education Speakers for Schools programme is to help give secondary school students access to voices from modern farming and to challenge misconceptions and preconceptions they may have about agriculture in the UK.

The NFU recognises that speaking to a group of teenagers can be a daunting task. As it’s important that the key messages are delivered professionally and concisely the NFU is working with teacher training expert Paul Taylor McCartney to deliver a bespoke training programme.

The training includes: 

  • Creating an ‘own pen picture’-teaching farmers how to tell their own story
  • Farming Myth Busters - an introduction to the NFU’s newly created 'Farming Myth Busters' slide deck
  • Teaching farmers to develop their presentation style when talking to a large group
  • Teaching farmers to develop a basic understanding teaching & learning styles (pedagogy) to ensure an audience remains engaged
  • Chances to develop confidence and work together with peers to prepare their presentation.

The NFU is asking prospective speakers to commit to three things:

  1. To deliver a minimum of two speakers for schools assemblies in 2020 - travel expenses will be paid for these events
  2. To attend a one-day training session in November 2019 - Leeds 25 November/Coventry 26 November/London 27 November - travel expenses will be paid for this event
  3. To agree to work towards the newly created NFU speaker standards - these will be introduced as part of the training session.

To sign up speakers will need to email Joshua Payne confirming the session they wish to attend.

Speakers will also need to be NFU members but interested YFC members can sign up to student and young farmer membership which is free of charge.

The NFU’s Speakers for Schools programme is another way that organisations like NFYFC are helping to spread positive messages about food and farming.

Last year NFYFC launched the Future Farming module which now features on the Countryside Classroom website and helps educate more young people about careers in agriculture. 


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